Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate NITES

Organization working for the welfare of IT/ITES Employees

#JusticeforEmployees NITES #protest supported by #ABP_Majha

A lot of our colleagues have lost their jobs and salaries recently. Under such difficult circumstances employees are unable to join any other company. It has become next to impossible for these employees to fulfill the financial obligations and take care of their families. Hence we are starting a campaign in which you need to write on a paper #JusticeforEmployees hold it in your hands and click a snapshot or you can mention #JusticeforEmployees in your pic and share with us. Share the snapshot on #NITES WhatsApp 9834959325 This is a silent protest as being Government’s GR in force Companies are still violating the orders openly. We would be sharing the pics so that Government should take cognizance of our complaints and issue orders to reinstate the employees. If anyone wants to keep identity confidential please hold the poster covering your half or full face. But its a humble request to support & take part in the campaign so that affected employees can get their jobs back…